In-house Overnight, Dog Boarding

All boarding services are provided at our personal house, to ensure an ultimate comfort stay for your pup. A 50% deposit is required for a reservation of the total stay sum.

Per night: up to 20 pound dog $35.00
Per night: 20- 40 pound dog $45.00
Per night: 40+ pound dog $55.00

Add-ons for Long-term Boarding

We offer these extra add-ons for long-term boarding to accommodate your doggie’s hygiene and basic needs.

Morning & Evening teeth cleaning $10.00 (twice daily, per day)
Morning & Evening teeth cleaning $50.00 (7 day package)
Before sleep, daily paw wash (no soap or puppy shampoo) $25.00 (7 day package)
Daily fur brushing (for small dogs) – up to 15 pound $5.00 (per day)
Daily fur brushing (for medium dogs) – up to 35 pounds $7.50 (per day)
Daily fur brushing (for Large dogs) – 35+ pounds $10.00 (per day)
Weekly ear cleaning $5.00 (per cleaning)
Nail trim (ones per month, any size dog) $10.00 (per dog)