About Us & Our Partners

Social School® is a new service in Canada, developed by K9SocialSchool® in partnership with DoggieMind. Designed to socialize and educate dogs thru play using Positive Reinforcement training method. Our on-site dog trainer will work with your dog to educate and correct the behaviour!

Meet our team : Rae, Olivia, Carol, Tom & Alex.

Many dogs have sensitive paws to the chemicals that are used to soften the rubber that is used for the floor and can develop joint problems when running on hard or concrete surfaces. Our fully-carpeted floor ensures your doggies will not injure or develop paw or joint problems in the long-term!

All of our staff receive a minimum of six months hands on experience and are acredited by DoggieMind Dog Educator Tom Hsieh, www.doggiemind.org & ICS Canada for Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor, before employment.

Our services include: 

  • Rehabilitation Programs;
  • Social School / Daycare;
  • Privet & Group Training;
  • Weekend Social Class events;
  • Short & Long-term In-house Boparding;
  • Treadmill services;
  • Pick-up & Drop-off services;
  • And many more!

What is included in Social School’s price?
All prices already include:

  • fixing humping issues;
  • fixing basic dominance issues;
  • our unique approach to overly submissive dogs and to correct their uncontrollable urination issues;
  • introduction to play;
  • daily doggie board games;
  • to ensure the dogs play and socialize together in a proper manner.

Why Carpet? Here are 5 reasons:

1.) Soft and gentle surface.
2.) Eliminates potential bone and joint problems in the long-term, unlike concrete surfaces.
3.) Good friction when running & playing.
4.) No more picking up a stinky dog!
Why is your dog stinky you ask?.. When a single dog has an accident on a surface that does not absorb liquids, others will run and roll over the urine. Not only spreading the urine all over the centre but making this very hard to clean by the stuff. Thus this is an on-going issue in majority dog facilities.
5.) No harmful chemicals that can potentially leak thru and irritate dogs’ paws.

Cons of using Carpet:

1.) Takes more time to disinfect and clean.
2.) Harder to maintain overall good smell.
3.) Higher cost for maintenance.

At the Social School, we use a pure enzyme, with no additives or added scents. This safely gets rid of the unwanted smells even for sensitive dogs.

Our guarantee:

We NEVER turn down dogs (if space permits and their health meets our requirements), instead we educate them using Positive Reinforcement method, when necessary, in a separate area for aggressive dogs.
Additionally, small breed doggies play with their own sizes! Medium breeds play in a separate section!



Client testimonials

“Wonderful place to take your dog! Alex is professional and excellent with the dogs. My dog can’t wait to get out of the car and get in there in the morning. When I bring her home at night, she’s so relaxed. Highly recommend Social School to my doggie parents.

Cindy Merriman – Pally’s owner

“Love taking my dog here! A professional facility & owner, Alex is great with my 6 month old border collie who has shown fear aggression & previously had terrible manners with strangers & other dogs. I loved the fact that we were able to try his services free of charge for the first time to see if it was something we wanted to put our dog into & was amazed by the progress he has shown since we first brought him in. Alex takes the time to know & understand Echo’s behaviour & personality which makes us extremely comfortable with leaving him there while we work or go to school. It’s great how flexible he is with his availability to work with our schedules & more than that. Echo always come’s home a happy dog. Would defiantly recommend to others. Personally I like that there isn’t a big quantity of dogs (Example: 35 dogs at once) together, it give’s time for the dogs to really socialize & work with the trainers. We are so happy we chose Alex over all the other trainers we were screening.Thank you Alex from Chris, little Echo & myself. :)

Jasmine M. Flores – Echo’s owner

“Great place to take your dog for daycare/ social school !!! Have a eight year old yorkie that doesn’t like to social with other dogs. Due to Alex’s patients, now my dog loves to play with other dogs~~~ Strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a place for doggie daycare!!!”

Joanna Peng – Tofu’s owner

“Monty had a super time on his first day at daycare!”

Tara Ludwig – Monty’s owner

“Alex at Social School Of Canada is always so pleasant to see. He’s really welcoming and takes great care of the dogs. :)”

Leeza S. Tengco – Luna’s owner

“This place is amazing. Alex takes care of my puppy like his baby. He is very diligent and knowledgea ble about dogs. I feel very comfortabl e leaving my puppy with him every day. Alex makes sure that all the dogs are the same temperamen t so that there are no aggression issues. My puppy comes home all tired and ready for bed after a long day of play.” 

Adnan Shams – Mia’s owner

“After a full day of playing in the daycare and playing with agility courses for the very first time, my Doxi fell asleep on the way home!”

Sarah Green – Coco’s owner